Edowith Dwyer

A spoiled rich girl with a penchant for taking the toys of others away from them.


Edowith was born in the Veldt to a Noble family of large ambitions, but small means to make them happen.

The younger of two daughters, Edowith was considered the “homely” one, while her older sister, Oriwen, was considered the “cash cow.” Oriwen was beautiful, demure, witty, talented. Everything that Edowith was not.

Though her family was anything BUT well-to-do, they invested all of their wealth into making Oriwen—and her dowry—attractive to suitors of a higher social rank.

Driven mad by her sister’s constant one-upsmanship, Edowith would spend her days training with the house guards, channeling her jealous rage into combat. By night, she would send her personal servant, Nine, to steal Oriwen’s jewels, toys, and dresses. Not to have them for herself, but so Oriwen WOULDN’T have them.

After years of her parents believing maids were to blame, Edowith’s habit was discovered. As punishment, her meager dowry was rolled over into Oriwen’s (something her parents were looking for an excuse to do all along), and Edowith was shipped off to the army.

Luckily, she shone there, and along with Nine was picked to be a River Jumper.

Edowith Dwyer

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